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Book Opening Ceremony of

"Phool Phool Khushbu"


Attiq-ur-Rehman Siddiqi

at Haripur





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Qalam Qirtas was basically a literary organization when it was established in 1998 and it took its start with holding literary sittings like Mushairas, Prose sittings, literary references and critical sittings etc. In 55 regular 15 days literary sitting "Pandra roza adbi nishist" Qalam Qirtas invited a number of local and national poets and writers and provided a great opportunity to sit together and share their literary works and skills. These literary sittings were consist of two sessions, Mushaira in first part and Prose or criticism in 2nd half. Apart from literary sittings Qalam Qirtas held book opening ceremonies and literary reference on great Urdu writers and poets from time to time. 


Book opening ceremony of "Aks-e-Peghambar (PBUH) Siddique-e-Akbar" by Mufti Mehmood Ahmad Qureshi at Usman Marriage Hall Haripur See more pics.......


"Aik Sham Saeed k Nam" a literary sitting with Saeed Khan a famous from Pakistani born Australian Urdu poet. See more pics.......


Abd-ul-Rehman Adbi Award Ceremony and Book opening ceremony of Maktoobat-e-Rehmania by Dr. Tahir Hameed Tanoli at Irshad Auditorium, Jinnah School and College, Haripur.   See more pics.......

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